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Phuket Island is considered to be the most fashionable resort of Thailand. By its importance, it can be compared with European Cyprus and Jamaica. It is the largest island of Thailand. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that its banks are washed by the Indian Ocean. Andaman Sea with unsurpassed diving in the season of whale sharks feeding in these waters, surfing on ocean waves in the autumn and a beautiful beach recreation, almost at any time of the year. The island has several large beaches, different in their location, and hence by the depth of the sea, tides and waves. Demanded property in Phuket is one of the consequences of such popularity. The attractiveness of the island stimulates interest in accommodation in this world resort. The company OKTHAI, which deals with the tourism business, the reception of visitors to Thailand and various tourist services, is also an expert in the sale of real estate in Phuket Thailand.

Many years of experience gained in the tourism business, a friendly team of professionals who permanently live on the island, are the foundation of the company’s stable operation. The company renders a complex of services to the tourists arriving here, both for a short rest and for a long stay.

We provide the following services:

  • Organization of excursions and tours of different directions.
  • Both group and individual, standard and customized.,
  • Information and insurance support to the guests of the island, assistance in booking tickets.,
  • Assistance in renting transport, both land and sea with a driver, a skipper or without him.,
  • Rental of housing of any format for any time by duration of stay.,
  • Sale of real estate on Phuket with legal support of the transaction, assistance in buying land plots.,
Resort Island of Phuket, real estate in various areas, from the first line to those remote from the sea, quiet quarters, we provide a wide range of options. Our staff has the most reliable information in this field, we live here and keep a hand on the pulse of the problem. Real estate, Phuket, prices for apartments and houses, the cost of land and construction. Using our services, you can be 100% sure we will find the best option for your needs and according to your capabilities. Buying real estate on Phuket is one of the best ways to invest, and the opportunity to have a place for a comfortable rest in any season and under any circumstances.


I liked to work and relax with this site. There is all the information that is needed for the trip, so I did not have to wander around other resources and look for a list of hospitals or attractions. I am always very meticulous in terms of organizing my holiday, as I pay money for it and I want to get a decent service.
We ordered a family photo session on this site, and I would like to say many thanks you for an enjoyable process and a great result. Our son is quite difficult to sit down in front of the camera or make a little stand still, and the photographer succeeded to do almost impossible thing.
My colleague at work advised me this site, he and his family already used its services for booking accommodation and excursions and they liked everything. My girlfriend and I have never rested in Thailand, so we decided to start with Samui, especially since we liked the price.

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The company OKTHAI has its branches and draws up the necessary documents for real estate in Phuket Thailand, Koh Samui Thailand, Pattaya, with full legal support of the transaction and with a guarantee of success. We deal with any travel services, organization of leisure and support for long-term residence in all popular resort areas of the Kingdom of Thailand. Please contact us directly on the site or by phone number listed in the "contacts" section, we will be happy to assist you.

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