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About Phuket


Everyone knows that the island of Phuket in Thailand is the largest resort of the kingdom, recognized throughout the world. But many tourists do not know anything else about this amazing island. The company OKTHAI will help to eliminate this injustice. Phuket Island has an international airport of through connections with various countries, including Russia. Vacation on the island of Phuket can be compared in prestige with a vacation in Cyprus in Europe, with Sanya in China or Indonesian Bali. This is quite an expensive resort.


Thailand Phuket island is an island of tectonic origin, as well as most of the islands in the Andaman Sea. This means that it was formed due to movements of the Earth crust. There are no steep and high peaks on the island, but its relief is very metamorphic. There are quite large uplands, highlands and beaches cascading to the sea. Such geography of the island is very attractive for tourists, because it allows you to enjoy the seascapes from the scenery spots, to choose the beach according to your preferences, to visit the tropical jungle on the slopes of the mountains. The beaches of Phuket Island are located along a semi-circle on the west and south coasts. It allows to enjoy the sea at any time of the year.

When in the winter months the western beaches are closed by ocean waves, the beaches of the south-west and south remain available for bathing. This are Kata Noi, Rawai and Chalong. Patong is the central beach of Phuket. It is the most famous beach, it has the most developed infrastructure and is the most equipped with hotels. The following positions are occupied by the beaches of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. In the direction to the north of Patong there are beaches of Kamala and Surin. These two beaches are less inhabited, but have a soft lay into the sea and a long coastline, for which they are loved by tourists with children. Beaches of Karon and Kata are loved by surfers and divers.

Excursion tours

The whole charm of the island lies in the fact that it is washed by the Indian Ocean. This gives a special flavor to the rest. One of the main excursion tours of Phuket is a trip to Similan Islands. Summer is the season when whale sharks come to these waters for feeding. Rapid development of plankton attracts giant fish and is a great entertainment, both for divers and for ordinary observers from the boat. The second advantage of the ocean is real surfing. The winter months are characterized by an even strong wave that attracts young people. Thailand, Phuket Island, beaches of Patong, Karon and Kata are popular places to develop this type of water entertainment. Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island, long sea excursion tours and fabulous exotic islands – it’s all the same Phuket.

The island has developed agriculture, the production of natural latex on the plantations of hevea and cultivation of once the island’s calling card – cashews. Excursion tours to plantations, to a latex factory or a cashew nut factory will prove to be very interesting and informative.

Specially organized sightseeing tours around the island on motorcycles or in a comfortable mini-bass will show you the most interesting places of Phuket. To some of them, you will certainly want to return and explore more. The Big Buddha on one of the dominant hills or Wat Chalong creates the Asian flavor of the country, and visiting the amazing Phuket Zoo or Fantasy Park with its bright show will please both children and adults.

The rest on the island of Phuket in Thailand is remembered by combining Thai exotics and a high culture of service. The island is famous for its supermarkets, restaurants with a variety of cuisine, and for fans of special entertainment – the night street Bangla Road on Patong. Shopping on Phuket is as fascinating as sea excursion tours, and nightlife is no less mind-blowing than in Bangkok and Pattaya. In addition, it is easy to purchase excursion tours to the mainland Thailand on the island. Such multi-day excursion tours to nature parks with rafting along the rivers are very popular and top requested.

Tourist infrastructure

The rest on the island of Phuket for visiting foreigners is the most arranged in comparison with other popular resorts. There are hotels of any price category and foodservice outlets for any requests. A tourist can always apply to the immigration office or to the tourist police to solve any emerging issues. The work of these services is perfectly organized.

The best means of transportation on the island is a rented motorcycle, but only if you have a certain experience, as well as a driving license. It is easy to order a taxi, anywhere in the island you can use a motobike taxi or a three-wheeled taxi “tuk-tuk”. And even without the desire to move around the island independently, a tourist can not get bored. All tours are organized in such a way that customers are delivered to the place of residence by the transport of an agent. This also applies to shopping, massage parlors and theatrical performances. Ordering by phone a visit to such places, a client often receives a transfer at the expense of the store.

Visit Phuket! This is one of the best tourist places in Asia.

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