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People, who come to rest on the largest island of Thailand, are mostly independent tourists. Rental of accommodation in Phuket for a month is the most common request in high season. And this is not an accident. The advantages of rented accommodation even in comparison with the best hotels are obvious. To rent a house in Phuket means to free yourself from all the conventions of living together with a lot of constantly changing neighbors, monotonous breakfasts and time frames. You can invite friends to a rented accommodation, in a rented house you can feel like a local resident. OKTHAI company offers its clients a wide variety of real estate for rent:

Apartment in condominium or separate apartments., House in a suburban settlements or on a quiet street., Villa with its own green area for relaxation.

Rental of accommodation on the island of Phuket is the most balanced solution for both leisure and long-term residence. If the company of young people is wondering where to rent a house in Thailand, Phuket is one of the best options for extreme sports. In this case, spacious apartments will be enough for you.

The house is better for family holidays or longer stays. We can offer our clients various options in terms of location, furnishing and equipping with household appliances. To rent a house in Phuket for a month or longer term with the help of our company is a reliability and a wide choice for every taste and budget.

For a comfortable life during a long time, doing business or for a comfortable rest of the elderly parents – villa will be the best choice of a prosperous person. This is a two- or three-story mansion with its own green area, its own parking, and often with a swimming pool. We also can help to rent a house on the island of Phuket in this format. Our experts will choose the option in any part of the island, depending on the preferences of the client.

For the company OKTHAY rental of accommodation in Phuket is a priority area of activity. Our staff consists of only qualified specialists in this field and all our specialists permanently live here. This is a guarantee of our competence in these matters and the reliability of real estate transactions.

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