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Phuket is a fabulous island in the Indian Ocean. Renting a house in Phuket is the dream of any European tourists. Many people would like to live in this climate-friendly place, among the hospitality of local people and to have the opportunity to admire the ocean every day. The best option for living in any country is a house located on the ground. Thailand is no an exception. The advantages of such living, especially if the plans are built for a long period, are recognized by many real estate agents. Renting houses in Phuket occupies a prominent place in the requests of visitors to the island.

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The house provides an opportunity to have your own parking space, to be away from noisy neighbors, to have a wider area of residence, compared to the apartments, as well as a wider choice of accommodation areas on the island. It's no secret that apartment buildings are mostly built in tourist places, near the populous beaches. Houses in suburban settlements are more in line with the requirement of silence and tranquility. Houses in Phuket, which are rented by companies, are mostly located in dormitory districts, where respectable foreigners and locals live.

OKTHAI company knows the real estate market of the island well, owns the latest information on offers on rent of any form. We also have many options for renting houses. Renting a house in Phuket for a month may suit a large family who came to have some rest, or it may be a temporary residence before buying your own house. The choice of houses is quite wide. The company's employees are all professionals, everyone resides here permanently, and therefore, they are aware of the latest news on the topic. A quiet street in a dormitory districts or near a beach – it is a customer’s choice only. Employees of the company will choose and offer an appropriate option. Phuket Island and renting a house is the best combination of comfort and price. Take advantage of the services of professionals.

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