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Renting an apartment in Phuket is one of the most convenient ways to stay on this tropical island. While package tourists or Thai people like to stay for a short time in a lot of different hotels, people coming for a longer period prefer to look for comfortable apartments. To rent an apartment in Phuket for a month, for a vacation period, or settle for a longer period is completely available. This option is suitable for youth’ companies that came to practice water sports, young families with a small budget, lovebirds who would like to spend a honeymoon on this fabulous island.

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OKTHAI company possesses the most reliable information about all variants of the lettable property, including comfortable apartments. To rent an apartment in Phuket with our help means to liberate yourself from many formalities. The company has in its staff only qualified specialists who have worked in this area for several years and permanently reside on the island. They will help you to find the most suitable for all requirements option, taking into account your personal preferences.

The choice of the districts of accommodation, living area, and proximity to the sea or the beach is very large and is constantly changing. Our experienced professionals always keep a finger on the pulse of the property market in Phuket. For those who wish to rent an apartment in Thailand, Phuket is one of the priority places. OKTHAI company is a reliable agent, and this fact is confirmed by several years of successful work and a lot of positive feedback from customers and business partners. Visit the island, you are always welcome.

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