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About Koh Samui

The third biggest island of the exotic Thailand Koh Samui won’t leave any true travelling lover indifferent. They come here to relax in the peace and quiet of the sound of the sea, learn about the local original culture, enjoy the rest on the picturesque beaches, feel vivid emotions during active leisure. Every year thousands of tourists driven by a desire to have a great vacation and get inspired by positive emotions arrive to the island by planes and ferries. There is really everything for everyone here and no matter how high your demands and how delicate your tastes are – Koh Samui will satisfy them one hundred per cent.

The nature and climate in Koh Samui

Just recently Koh Samui was completely isolated from the life on the continent, that’s why its nature preserved its virgin beauty. The island is incredibly beautiful: it has impenetrable tropical jungle, amazing waterfalls and unique landscapes, here you can see palm groves and exotic flowers whose aroma will make your head spin.

The island borders the warm waters of the Gulf of Siam on all the sides, which makes it a corner of paradise for resting on the beach. Thanks to a good geographical position and tropical climate, the weather on the island is almost always hot. Figuratively you can single out 3 seasons:

  • The rainy season from October to December. In this time the number of sunny days reduces, but it does not mean that it constantly rains. Rainy weather can keep for several days at a time, but the bright sun necessarily appears then. But you should not hope that much for the favor of nature, instead better choose other resorts for having a vacation in this period.
  • The dry season from January to March. This time is perfect for having a vacation in Koh Samui because there is no exhausting heat yet, the sea is calm, and the weather is completely calm. Exotica lovers come here in this time to even celebrate the New Year and to treat themselves with the warm sun in winter.
  • The hot season from April to September. In this time the shade temperature reaches its maximum of 35 degrees above zero and water at the coast reminds of a warm bath. Closer to the end of summer the weather becomes more comfortable for vacation.

Koh Samui beaches

No doubt it is the luxury golden beaches that every year attract thousands of tourists to the fairy Koh Samui. Here every vacationer will be able to find a place that will correspond to their idea of quality and unforgettable vacation. This can be a crowded beach equipped with modern conveniences that offers a lot of entertainment or a secluded spot in a quiet bay reliably hidden from strangers.

The most popular beaches are Chaweng and Lamai, which are located in the east of the island. They offer tourists chic conditions for comfortable rest and eventful leisure. They have complexes for water sports, cozy bars for get-togethers in the company of friends and a lot of fun for children. Those who want to relax completely can order a Thailand massage and mud wraps in day spas and lovers of adventure will be able to rent a wet bike or a cayak to have a short sea trip along the shore.

The picturesque Bophut and Maenam beaches that are perfect for family vacations deserve special attention. Silver and Coral Cove beaches located in secluded bays surrounded by huge boulders are the island’s real flavor. They make splendid photos here. You can admire fascinating sunsets at Lipa Noi and Nikki beaches in the west of the island. And if you seek complete solitude, the best option will be Taling Ngam beach. You can learn more about the beaches and their locations here a link to the article

Entertainments and excursions in Koh Samui

All the island’s sights and interesting touristy places are natural, religious and entertaining. The excursion routes in Koh Samui include incredibly beautiful waterfalls, observation platforms and a lot of other charming places, to which we devoted a separate article too – the link. Basically, here even a usual walk across the jungle will leave an indelible impression.

Make sure you visit the Aquarium and see the collection of tropical fish, walk across the Tiger Zoo, and watch the Bengal tigers and leopards. You can go to a sheep farm or have a great time in water parks “Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park”, PINK ELEPHANT with your children.

Nightlife in Koh Samui

When the sun goes down, nightlife shining with the lights of disco bars starts on the beaches of the island. Almost the entire Chaweng and Lamai coast turns into one huge party where music plays loud and heating drinks flow like water. The most popular clubs of Chaweng are located very closely to each other, you can find them here 9.533172, 100.062782 You should come here after midnight and start having fun at the disco in ArkBar – 9.529498, 100.062825, which is so popular in Thailand. It includes a fire show. And beer lovers will be able to enjoy beer in the best Irish pub of the island “Tropical Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant”.

Nightlife pulses and does not let you feel lonely: the vacationers will see a fire show, grandiose fireworks, performances of exotic dancers. Lovers of indecent pleasures can search for romance in go-go bars and local «Red-light district».

Residence in Koh Samui

The island always welcomes its guests with open arms and offers an excellent choice of dwelling of a wide price band. In Koh Samui you can rent a room in a comfortable hotel, but the most profitable option will be to rent a cozy house or apartment with everything necessary for having an excellent vacation. The prices will depend on the season of your visit, the level of comfort of the dwelling, its location relative to the beach.

Moving around the island

The transport network in Koh Samui is developed well enough and you can rent a car or a motorbike (link to the rental lease section) to explore the island and feel maximally comfortable. This way you will be able to plan your travelling routes on your own and visit even more amazing places in Koh Samui.

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