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OKTHAISAMUIDistricts and beaches of Koh Samui

Districts and beaches of Koh Samui

If you are looking for a magical place to have an unforgettable vacation in harmony with nature, then the sunny Koh Samui (Thailand) will not disappoint you. You can fall in love with it on your first walk along the sandy beach, at your first enchanting sunset here or on your first excursion in the picturesque jungle. You can’t remain indifferent to this place, because if you come here at least once, you will definitely want to come back again. At least in order to take your piece of soul left here on your first trip.

For many tens of years, the mysterious Koh Samui has attracted tourists so fond of exoticism. The nature itself made sure that every person on the island had a most comfortable and relaxing vacation. Oh, and of course, you should not forget about the well-developed infrastructure, a chic choice of comfortable houses and villas, lots of entertainment and a special atmosphere of an eternal celebration that reigns after sunset in various parts of the island.

Koh Samui beaches attract the largest number of tourists, because only here you can feel the joy of spending a vacation on an island, surrounded by the warm and clear waters of the bay. Couples come here to spend a romantic weekend, happy families with children come to improve their precious kids’ health and treat them with water entertainments. For thrill-seekers Koh Samui beaches have a lot of water and air entertainment and if you take an excursion to the neighbouring islands, you will spend your time diving, taking short sea trips and enjoying the adventure. And for privacy seekers this is an opportunity to be alone with their thoughts and enjoy the unique beauty of the local nature.

So, let’s start our incredible journey through the most beautiful and popular Koh Samui beaches.

Chaweng Beach: all that is the best on the island is in one place

Chaweng is considered the most popular, the longest and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the island, and indeed it is. There is everything for a luxury vacation, humble solitude and active entertainment on land and at sea. 6 kilometers long, this beach includes the most crowded bars, restaurants, cosy bamboo bungalows, territories with modern conveniences for relaxation and water sports complexes.

Here you can ride a wet bike or go windsurfing, rent a yacht and take a flight on a parachute. Here everyone will find cozy sun beds with parasols and a wide range of drinks in the local bars and restaurants. After sunset the beach turns into a huge dance arena, where music unites all the tourists first at the beach discos and then in the party area till dawn.

Lamai Beach offers a harmony of the bright sun, the warm gulf and eventful entertainment

Lamai Beach is located a little to the South from Chaweng, but it is no less beautiful and charming. For some vacationers, this beach is ideal, it is more calm and deep compared to Chaweng Beach. In the rainy season and winter on Lamai you can often see waves. In addition, the infrastructure of the beach is very compact, all the supermarkets and entertainments are within a walking distance. There are cosy cafes and restaurants for all tastes and budgets, and among the attractions the water attractions Coco Splash and the unique Grandfather and Grandmother deserve special attention.

Note that at Lamai, as well as at all popular beaches, there are always tradesmen who can sell you souvenirs and various food. Some tourists will like it because it’s like a free delivery of all the necessary things right into your hands, and some will be bothered with such trading activity. And let’s not forget about the naughty entertainment workers that Thailand is famous for. They are localized near the go-go bars and after sunset begin to attract single tourists.

Bophut Beach is a standout vacation in the unique culture of the Island

Bophut Beach is located in the north of the island and has a special flavor, because the local people live just side by side with tourists, which means you will inevitably learn about the islanders’ traditions and culture of life. In the western part of the beach there are comfortable hotels and the eastern part offers comfortable accommodation in private boarding houses, villas and houses of the residents of the island.

Make sure you visit the unique fishing village Fisherman’s Village and do shopping in the local shops, where they sell really exclusive stuff made by the local craftsmen. There are many restaurants here, so some tourists come here from other districts, just because of the wide range of foods.

Maenam Beach is an ideal place for a quiet family vacation

Maenam Beach is situated in the north of the island and offers comfortable accommodation in housing of every price category and type. Staying here is a little more affordable than at the other Koh Samui beaches, where the prices are a bit higher. Besides, at the district’s markets you can always buy fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables from the local tradesmen.

On Thursdays the markets are particularly crowded and the two streets are completely blocked and the local tradesmen become the true masters of the vast territory. On this day you can buy anything you want.

Taling Ngam Beach is a haven for seekers of solitude

Taling Ngam Beach will be appreciated by tourists who are looking for peace and quiet in Koh Samui. Having a vacation in this place will help you to escape from vanity and get rid of stress and depression. The beach is geographically located aside the popular Lamai and Chaweng beaches, besides, it is quiet their opposite. It is always calm and not crowded, there are no noisy crowds of tourists, and in the evening instead of fireworks you will see a no less exciting show – the sunset.

There are not many supermarkets and shops in the area of Taling Ngam beach and note that the sea is just an eye candy here and you can walk along the shore, it is almost impossible to swim here because the sea goes away from the shore because of the tides on 50-70 meters. Therefore, you should better look for accommodation with a good pool.

Lipa Noi and Nikky Beaches – fabulous sunsets and exotic atmosphere

Lipa Noi and Nikky Beaches are located in the western side of the island and attract travelers with a wide range of options of a pleasant vacation and quiet solitude. Only here you can see a real wonder of nature – the enchanting sunsets that boggle the mind with an explosion of fiery colors. Thousands of tourists come here to see this breathtaking spectacle, despite the relatively long distance from the airport.

The eternal beauty of the coast, soothing sound of the beating of waves and the incredible feeling of peace and unity with nature is what makes Lipa Noi and Nikky Beach essential points in every traveller’s excursion plan.

Crystal Bay Beach is a picturesque place reminding of the Seychelles

Crystal Bay Beach also known as Silver Beach is located in a quiet beautiful bay near Lamai. Here you can relax in the shade of palm trees and exotic trees, enjoy the view of huge boulders and do a photoshoot against the background of the wonderful nature and the turquois sea. This beach is usually not as crowded as Chaweng or Lamai, but at the height of the season (January and July) the number of vacationers increases here.

On the beach there are cafes and bars where you can grab a snack and a refreshing drink. Here you can also rent a kayak, and if you want to relax, then you can order massage services.

Coral Cove Beach means a sedate vacation in a quiet place

Coral Cove beach is located next to Silver Beach. It resembles a cozy bay surrounded with huge boulders. This place is ideal for quiet rest and solitude, and if you seek adventure, then you can rent a kayak and have a short sea trip. There are practically no beach tradesmen here, which would be another plus for those who want to spend time alone.

Coral Cove beach is ideal for those who like to swim deep, because the seafloor is deep here and the red fish near the coast give special flavor. But for families with young children it is rather a downside, as parents won’t be able to relax here – they will have to constantly keep an eye on their children because the seafloor very quickly becomes deep.

Another distinctive feature of Coral Cove beach is very beautiful sunrises that make your photos excellent.

This is not a complete list of Koh Samui beaches, and every traveler will be able to find a place where their vacation becomes most pleasurable and filled with bright emotions.

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