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OKTHAISAMUIHolidays in Koh Samui with kids: what parents should know

Holidays in Koh Samui with kids: what parents should know

Holidays at Koh Samui. Samui is great for quiet family holiday because it has everything kids love: warm sea, bright sun, delicious fruits, plenty of exotic animals and outdoor entertainment. However, parents should understand that it is an island with a tropical climate, a completely different culture and cuisine.

What are the Koh Samui dangers for kids

First of all, this is a very hot sun. Make sure to bring to Samui island a hat for child, sunblock cream with maximum protection factor, and don’t forget about drinking plenty of liquids. Kids quite easy get acclimatized, but still try not to go from winter place with temperature -20 to the hot tropics with +30 as this would cause stress in any organism. It is better to stay on Koh Samui 3-4 weeks with kids because adaptation takes about 10 days.

The childhood diseases are in second place. Almost every child may catch a cold, because air conditioning is everywhere in a hot climate. You will receive the same list of medicines for cough and colds under the insurance as in our regular clinics.

There is a risk being infected with Roseola which is quite a common disease among Thai children, similar to rubella. It is fairly easy disease, although the first few days a child may have a fever which local doctors would advise to treat with Nurofen.

But you should not be afraid of poisoning, especially if your kids follow all the rules of personal hygiene and wash hands often. Even the helminthes happen very rare in children here. Also you should not be afraid of Dengue fever: recent cases of the virus among children were observed a few years ago.

What should you worry about is roads and drivers who often do not comply with traffic rules. Some tourists believe it absolutely normal to drink a couple of beers and then get behind the wheel, so the children should be watched carefully.

What to feed the children on Koh Samui

There is no problems with baby food on the island. There are plenty of large stores and network supermarkets with a wide range of purees, cereals, complementary foods, juices for kids of any age. Manufacturers – both local and foreign, the quality is high, price is affordable, sometimes even cheaper than in Russia. Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, sweets –everything is available in the popular Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro and local markets.

Cafes and restaurants in Koh Samui offer a children’s menu, but if you decided to eat a Koh Samui food from hawkers, then just ask not to add the spicy seasoning to it. You may not worry about freshness of the products, since in a hot climate they’re not stored and get cooked immediately. If you want to eat familiar food, then you should look for fast food like burgers, pancakes and sausage roll – there are a lot of them on the island.

On a note for mothers with babies! Thai people are very modest and have rather strict views, so try to breastfeed in a more intimate setting and away from public places.

Where to relax and where to go with children

The best beaches for family relax with children are Mae Nam beach, Choeng Mon, and Lamai beach. It has the relaxed atmosphere and extremely beautiful nature. There are places to relax in the shade under a spreading palm trees, and sun loungers where you can sunbathe.

Things to do at Koh Samui. The island offers guided tours and marine adventure programs for fascinating leisure activities. You can take a trip through the islands near Koh Samui that are islands of the Ang Thong archipelago where, together with senior children you can go kayaking or snorkeling under water, and to have the sunbaths with babies on the white beaches.

Things to see in Koh Samui. Make sure to watch the elephant show and to ride them. Without exception, everybody likes a petting zoo, Paradise Park Farm, where you can not only see exotic animals, but also feed them. At the zoo territory there is a cozy cafe, swimming pool, shops with souvenirs and toys.

Koh Samui places to visit. Young tourists will certainly like having fun in water parks “Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park” and “PINK ELEPHANT”. There are water slides, amusement rides, trampolines, swimming pools. It is definitely worth to visit a sheep farm in Mae Nam beach and see a show with monkeys and crocodiles.

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