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OKTHAISAMUIDiseases in Thailand: what every tourist needs to know

Diseases in Thailand: what every tourist needs to know

Since Thailand has a hot and humid climate, it is easy to get any disease here. Tropics with high humidity and a temperature +30 is the most favorable environment for reproduction of all sorts of bacteria dangerous to the human organism. But no need to worry much about it, because it all depends on performing usual basic rules of personal hygiene and being careful about wild animals – all this would be enough in order to reduce the risk to get infected to a minimum. Moreover, in Thailand, the health services are developed at a high level and you will always have expert medical help in case of need.

The most common among tourists are intestinal infections and diarrhea. And in 98% of cases it occurs because of failure to comply with the above rules of hygiene, and only 2% because of the poor quality of local water and food.

So, here is a list of typical Thai diseases which are of concern.


The disease is very severe, it is accompanied by headaches, fever, chills, anemia. The causative agent of the disease is the Anopheles mosquito that lives in the jungle. The risk of malaria in Thailand in tourist areas is minimal. However, you should not rely on fate; there is no vaccination against malaria (malaria vaccine). While hiking through the jungle you should use insect repellent or wear pants and shirts with long sleeves. If you notice a temperature rise, take a blood test for malaria.

Dengue Fever

The disease is typical for hot countries with a tropical climate. In Thailand most frequently it happens in the period from May to November. Like malaria, Dengue fever is caused by mosquito bites. The main symptoms are red rash around the eyes, severe joint pain, and fever. Prevention of the disease is similar to malaria, and if you experience any of the symptoms, contact the travel doctor or travel health clinic.

Japanese encephalitis

Enough dangerous disease, Thai kids get vaccinated against it with Japanese encephalitis vaccine in vaccination clinics. You, too, can get vaccinated, but only in Thailand. The infection spreads mainly in the period from May to October. Thanks to the precautionary measures taken by local authorities, possible foci of infection are eliminated quickly. Over the past 12 years there were 11 deaths recorded.

Bird flu

We can’t omit this disease, because last few years there were a real hysteria in the world associated with the spread of the infection. Now, since 2010 in Thailand there were only 5 cases with a fatal outcome.

Hepatitis A and B

One can get infected with these diseases anywhere in the world, with hot or temperate climate, with a developed or developing economy. Therefore, it would be worth to make vaccination with hepatitis a/b vaccine against these infections before a Thailand trip or trip to the Asian region, moreover WHO recommends it.

And a few tips for disease prevention in the hot Thailand and Thailand safety:

  1. Drink solely bottled or boiled water.
  2. Wash your hands not only before eating but as often as possible.
  3. Eat fish and seafood in the restaurants and cafes, where they take it from the aquarium while you are sitting there.
  4. Do not sunbathe on the beach too long and always use sunblock.
  5. Try not to eat in questionable places, don’t touch wild animals, do not swim in a deserted place and generally be careful.

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