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VIP Tour “Active”

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VIP Tour “Active”

10 days | up to 6 people
The tour for a ten-day VIP rest is rich in various events. This tour includes:
1. Picking up from the airport together with getting acquainted and receiving a pleasant surprise. Quick transfer (it will take nearly 30 minutes)
2. Luxurious villa
Villa includes chef and maid services.
3. Transport that is provided during the time of your vacation.
Mitsubishi Padjero Sport 3L or an analogous car
Honda PCX 150 or an analogous motorbike
4. A paddleboat tour around picturesque places including admiring the sunset. A paddleboat has four cabins, a spacious living room, kitchen and a bathroom as well as a huge trampoline at the front part.
Refreshing drinks and snacks are included in the price
Alcohol drinks are paid for separately
Party organizing requires additional payment
Passenger capacity is up to 25 people
Travel time is 8 hours
5. Different types of massage given by Thai experts at your villa. It includes three séances.
Visiting of the best SPA salons of the island by previous appointment is available (one séance)
6. At the planned time you may go fishing on a traditional Thai longboat visiting various unforgettable and remote places surrounded by uninhabited islands.
Everything that is necessary for perfect fishing is on board
Dinner, refreshing beverages and snacks are included in the price
Passenger capacity is up to 10 people
Travel time is 8 hours
7. On the penultimate day of your tour there will be a final party for you to have the best and the happiest memories connected with your unique holidays. The party will take place at your villa or in VIP zone of the club or restaurant which will be announced in advance. The organization of the party will include: the choice of the style, place, time, music, type of show and a fire show.
Inviting of actors, showmen, go-go dancers etc. is possible.
8. An impressive firework.
9. During all the time of the holidays our photo artist will approach you in order to save the best moments for the future. In addition, a two-hour photo session at any arranged time will be included in the price.
10. The services of our cameraman who will save the best moments and emotions for the future in one video (up to 5 minutes).
Shooting of the movie according to a pre-written scenario is possible. You will play a leading role in it.
Our VIP tour manager will keep in touch with you during all the time of the tour. He will take part in all the transfers, events, tours in order to provide the best service possible.
You may be sure that he is not interested in anything else except the quality of your rest at the moment of your vacation.
You are the one for us.
See you soon.
Contacts: Phone Number: +66 88 267 31 65
Viber, WhatsApp: +7 910 612 1234
E-mail: [email protected]
Manager – Konstantin


Price: 19 990 USD


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