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Samui hospitals

When you plan your holiday on Koh Samui, you hardly ever want to think about hospitals, insurances, medicines or other troubles. But our life is very unpredictable and on the exotic island with tropical climate tourists may not just see the bright sun, fairy beaches, and have a great vacation, they may also be faced with certain dangers.

How to protect yourself and your relatives against unforeseen situations?

  1. Make sure you buy a tourism insurance for a trip to Thailand.
  2. Take the First Aid Kit with all necessary medicines with you, especially, if you have any chronic diseases.
  3. Always stay in touch so that you can call for help if you need it.
  4. Be maximally attentive on land and in water, don’t touch wild animals, observe the rules of personal cleanliness.

If you have a good tourist insurance, it means you should first call your insurance company. It ensures that you go to the very hospital with which it signed an agreement. It is done so that your personal case could be controlled by specialists of the insurance company and you receive all the services included in your bill.

If you know exactly which clinic your insurance company sends tourists to, still make sure to call! First, the company must make sure that it is an insurance case. Secondly, you can confuse the clinics and go to the wrong one and so the insurance company may refuse to promptly pay for the health services. Of course, they will compensate all the costs then, but few tourists would have 150-200 thousand baht in their pocket to pay for the services of hospitalization.

If you need emergency care and can’t call to your insurance company (you are unconscious and there are no relatives or friends with you) health services are provided promptly and only afterwards all issues related to the insurance are resolved.

Note that in Koh Samui the ambulance with all the necessary equipment for resuscitation and a qualified doctor only comes from Bangkok Hospital and the ambulance that comes from other hospitals is nothing more than a car with a handbarrow and a minimum of medicines. The emergency telephone number on the island is 1669.

The Samui Hospitals: their peculiarities and advantages

The Samui hospitals meet international standards and at the same time the prices of treatment are lower here than in Europe. A large part of medical personnel speaks English well so no difficulties arise in communication.

  1. Bangkok Hospital Samui (BHS) is one of the best hospitals on the island and has a certificate for provision of medical care to foreigners. It is located in the Chaweng district. The clinics of this medical network are located in almost all big cities of Thailand and their physicians complete internship in the United States. That’s why foreign customers make 60% of all the patients. This Samui hospital has modern equipment, comfortable recreation areas and a children’s area for little patients. The cost of services of this hospital is sufficiently high, that’s why few insurance companies make agreements with it.
  2. The Samui International Hospital is located in the district of Chaweng beach. The hospital has good modern equipment and offers its patients comfortable rest near the pool. It has programs of complete examination, accident department, dialysis and plastic surgery center.
  3. Thai International Hospital is located in the Chaweng district. Pensioners from Germany and other European countries which are distinguished by thrift are often treated here.
  4. The Bandon International Hospital is located in the Bophut district. The staff of the hospital is sympathetic and careful, their qualification is high enough. But the equipment requires modernization and there are not enough medical diagnostic devices.
  5. The Samui Government Hospital is located in the Nathon district not so far from Lipa Noi. Note that the clinic offers democratic prices and has great popularity among the local population. You should not expect a lot of comfort here, but the quality of health services is at a good level. The foreigners that have lived on the island for a long time recommend this clinic.

The cost of services in the Samui clinics

Tourists that do not have an insurance will find it helpful to know that the private hospitals in Samui are part of the business, like anywhere in the world. So there is always a chance to negotiate a lower price. In almost every hospital like this they specially assign extra analyses or surveys, puffing up the bills to obscene sizes. If you seek help without an insurance – immediately tell so. Most probably they will give you a discount and won’t make you have unnecessary procedures.

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