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Koh Samui Photographer

A fantastic Samui Island – just the place that leaves in the heart only brilliant moments and colorful recollections! That is why, it is worthy and necessary, to order the professional photo session that will help to stop in the frame and transfer the charming beauty of this exotic island.
The original photo session on the Samui Island is the unique way to print in the memory your dizzying perceptions of the landscapes and ancient monuments seen, as well as romantic beach walks. The island, wonderful in its beauty, hides in itself a great number of surprises that the professional photographers, living and working here on Samui continuously, will help open. They know not only the popular touristic places of the Island, but familiar with its unique nooks, hidden from the eyes of usual travelers.
We propose you a marvelous opportunity to visit the most picturesque nooks for photographing and to take part in the photo session on the background of the impassable jungles, magic waterfalls, white beaches and fantastic sunsets. There are the experienced stylists and visagists in the team of every professional photographer who will help ensure the ideal result of photographing.
Keep, for yourself, in your memory these happy moments of your visit to the Samui Island. And we will try to do our best that you will bring home not only these exclusive photos, but the most pleasing recollections about the photo session.

Wedding & Love story
Wedding & Love story
Family & children photos
Family & children photos
Individual shootings
Individual shootings


Time of shoot 1 h. 2 h. 2 h. 3 h. all day
Locations 1 1-2 2 2-3
Photos 25 70 50 90 200
Makeup / Hairstyle + +
Transfer + + +
Price 4,000 THB 10,500 THB 12,000 THB 16,000 THB 28,000 THB

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