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Wedding & Love Story photos

OKTHAISAMUIWedding & Love Story photos

Wedding and pre wedding photoshoots, it requires a very high level of professionalism, and never allow amateurs. Selection of a photographer as the choice of wedding dress should be perfect, because through the eyes of photographer you’ll watch one of the best stories in your life when you and your guests will appear, and the picture story will be impregnated romanticism and illustrate the most expressive and sensual images.


Time of shoot 1 h. 2 h. 2 h. 3 h. all day
Locations 1 1-2 2 2-3
Photos 25 70 50 90 200
Makeup / Hairstyle + +
Transfer + + +
Price 4,000 THB 10,500 THB 12,000 THB 16,000 THB 28,000 THB


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