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Family & children photos

OKTHAISAMUIFamily & children photos

One from the most important genre of photography, because children grow quickly and we not always notice and save for memory their first steps, emotions from the first time seen the sea, the joy of built sand castle, conquest of huge stones and much more. Of course we all have smartphones, but it can’t be compared with prints in albums and books which will remain in the family archives for long time. It gives you opportunity to save in memories and to relive tested once emotions with friends and family.


Time of shoot 1 h. 2 h. 2 h. 3 h. all day
Locations 1 1-2 2 2-3
Photos 25 70 50 90 200
Makeup / Hairstyle + +
Transfer + + +
Price 4,000 THB 10,500 THB 12,000 THB 16,000 THB 28,000 THB


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