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Many people want to rent a house on Koh Samui. Short stay on our island as a package tourist, with settling in a hotel of a bed-breakfast format, makes you fall in love with Samui and return there again. While planning even a short-term rest for one or two months it is much more convenient to consider the option of renting a house. Rental of property on Koh Samui is especially advantageous if it is a question of a long stay. The convenience of renting an apartment in comparison with living in a hotel is obvious. There are no concerns of oversleeping the breakfast, there is an opportunity to try the cuisine in various cafes and restaurants, eat in a particular favorite place or simply cook at home on your own and peeped recipes. To rent a house on Koh Samui for a month means to be a free and equal inhabitant of this wonderful island for a month. The company OKTHAI will gladly provide island guests with this opportunity. Depending on the expected duration of the residence, budget possibilities and personal preferences of the client, the company has the opportunity to offer various options for renting an accommodation on Koh Samui:

Rent of apartments or houses., Rent of a house., Rent of a villa.

To rent an apartment in a condominium is the best option for young people not burdened with household things, children and conventions. Most of the proposed options are conveniently located, furnished with the necessary furniture and equipped with household appliances. Renting an accommodation on Koh Samui for a month or longer period for rest of family people, a company of friends or relatives is the most convenient option, besides it is not too burdensome for the budget. Possibility to rent a house on Koh Samui in a place convenient for living, in a cottage settlement is the best option for a long stay. Renting of a villa is suitable for wealthy people who want to stay on the tropical island for a long time, doing business and having a calm slow paced life of a creative person. Such a dwelling has its own small garden, extensions to the house and a convenient location to the entire infrastructure.

If you expect to rent a house in Thailand, Koh Samui seems to be the best place for a comfortable life. The company OKTHAI has a qualified personnel who knows the island’s real estate market firsthand. And in view of the fact that we permanently reside here, we will choose a variant of any format, on any request and on any budget. Contact us by phone or e-mail. We are always happy to assist you.

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