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I liked to work and relax with this site. There is all the information that is needed for the trip, so I did not have to wander around other resources and look for a list of hospitals or attractions. I am always very meticulous in terms of organizing my holiday, as I pay money for it and I want to get a decent service. Therefore, my evaluation of the site and the quality of services is above average.

I booked accommodation on Koh Samui with this site. Very convenient and the choice of options is quite wide, so my wife and I decided quickly. The same quickly we paid for the services and received the coordinates of the rented house. All the photos that we saw on the site corresponded to reality. The beach was 10 minutes of walk away, as the site managers told us. The only sad thing was that the weather was not all the time good, but everything else was organized perfectly. Special thanks for meeting us and helping to settle, I wish you success!


We ordered a family photo session on this site, and I would like to say many thanks you for an enjoyable process and a great result. Our son is quite difficult to sit down in front of the camera or make a little stand still, and the photographer succeeded to do almost impossible thing. It was evident that the kid loved to be photographed and the first 20 minutes he was happy to do everything that was required. We did not expect any more. As a result, we got very cool pictures on the background of the exotic nature of Samui and at home, we made a beautiful collage on the wall, it turned out very cool!


My colleague at work advised me this site, he and his family already used its services for booking accommodation and excursions and they liked everything. My girlfriend and I have never rested in Thailand, so we decided to start with Samui, especially since we liked the price. Vacation was in February, the choice of housing was difficult, everything was expensive or booked, and so I would give a solid 4 for the service. Here we booked excursions and, on the whole, we rested superbly.


With my friends we were looking for a house on Koh Samui to spend a week there during the winter holidays after the session. In short, we found everything here and in large quantities) At once we rented bike to drive around the island and not think about the taxi. In general, everything was pleasant, we had a good rest. Thank you for helping to book accommodation and resolving organizational issues quickly.


I rarely leave feedback, but this is a special case – I liked literally everything! Starting with the housing, which they helped me to choose and book, and ending with the photo session, which we also ordered on this website. We went to Koh Samui for our wedding anniversary, so we wanted a romantic vacation without disappointments. I and husband spend quite a long time choosing the apartment on the island, but in the end we decided to trust the advice of the managers of the site, and it has paid off. We rested just great, brought back a lot of vivid pictures, and a lot of impressions. A special thank you for helping us to choose the most interesting excursions, and making our leisure time very interesting.


It was my first flight to Koh Samui and it was very successfully thanks to your site, that’s why I’m writing this review. I booked accommodation and cars on the island through this site. I was offered several options, it’s difficult to choose from the photos, but they helped me). And the reality was even better than how it looked on the pictures, and it was quite inexpensive for Thailand. Here on the site I was helped to rent a car and to choose the excursions to the National Park and Koh Tao. I also advise you to scuba dive or snuka dive if you want a really cool holiday experience.

Thanks to the site for the quality work on organizing my holiday. I flew on Koh Samui with my two children alone, so I was very worried about housing, food and basic household issues. But the site has all the necessary information on all the nuances of rest, it gave info even about hospitals and shops, and the manager, with whom I constantly communicated, helped to choose the beach and the best housing option for me and the children. We had a very cool vacation, for which I thank you!


I’ve never had a professional photo shoots, so I was really amazed at the attentiveness and professionalism shown by the photographer, whom we met on Samui. It was my first vacation on this island, so I decided not to save on impressions and be sure to bring home bright and quality photos as a souvenir. I liked working with a photographer, and I would not call it working – I just enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me. The pictures turned out unreal, I didn’t even know that I could look like that, maybe everybody looks like that on the background of exotic Koh Samui, I do not know). So I give my best recommendations and the highest marks of your work!


I found this website quite by accident and very glad that I decided to use their services. I liked that the people I spoke with really knew the island, lived on it and could answer all my questions. I booked accommodation and ordered excursions here. I will certainly apply again when I save up my money for a trip to Thailand 😉

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