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Rent Car Mitsubishi Triton

OKTHAISAMUIRent Car Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton

No deposit required passport • Auto insured • Delivery Ferry, Airport, Hotel


Engine capacity: 2,3
Year of issue: 2010
Transmission: Machine
Fuel: Diesel
Drive unit: Full

You need car to the ferry or the airport? Do you want in a hotel or in any place of the island? We deliver wherever you want! It is enough to specify the time and place of delivery. Rent a car Mitsubishi Triton on Koh Samui.

Auto with full insurance with a deductible of 5,000 THB
Free shipping from 3 days rental
Delivery time from 12:00 to 18:00
Deposit: 5,000 THB
Please, read our term and conditions before booking

Daily: 2,600 THB

Monthly: 26,000 THB



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