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OKTHAISAMUIVisa to Thailand: types and registration characteristic

Visa to Thailand: types and registration characteristic

The government actively promotes the tourism industry in Thailand, making it one of the most popular destinations for travel. For this purpose it simplifies procedures for issuance of tourist visas, and implements loyal immigration policy.

Particulars of tourist trips to Thailand

If you are going to spend more than a month in Thailand, then be prepared to provide a passport, which will have a special stamp to control the term of stay in the “land of a thousand smiles”. Moreover, your passport must be neat, clean, because pedantic customs officials may not accept creased and dirty documents with worn photo. A particularly important point is that the validity of your passport must be at least six months.
If you are traveling with a underage child, you must have a birth certificate. For children who are traveling alone or with a third party, it is required to have a parental permission certified by a notary.
Tourist visa to Thailand may be issued in the case, if they will stay in the country more than 30 days.
1. Single entry visa is issued for 90 days at any Thai Embassy. It costs about $ 40.
2. Multiple-entry visa allows you to cross the border as many times as you need, but for each entry you will have to pay $ 40. The number of such permitted entry into the territory of the country stipulated in the visa.
Passing customs you must have a return ticket, immigration card and proof of accommodation reservation in Thailand. If you are traveling as tourists, these things are done by the tour operator. You may buy a return ticket immediately at the airport.

Non-tourist visa in Thailand

You may visit exotic countries for reasons other than recreation or tourism. People come here for job, to start own business, get training and for other reasons. For this you have to issue a non-immigrant visa. The validity of such a visa is 90 days and the maximum period of extension is 12 months. The cost of non-tourist visa is about $ 80.
1. Work visas are issued to people who can provide the invitation letter from the Thai employer and the work permit. Specialists with high qualifications and experience are in a great demand in Thailand, therefore one may find a job through the Internet or through employment agencies.
1.1 Similarly, the working visa is issued when you register a new or buy an existing firm. The process is easy here, unlike in many countries. You come to one of the local firms, show your passport, money and the name of the future company. And after 2-3 weeks you get registered firm, the work permit and the documents on the basis of which you get a work visa at the border.
2. Student visas are issued to those wishing to pursue higher education in Thai Universities. One should show a pre-contract for study. Also one may issue a student visa for language study, as a rule it is Thai and English. This visa is popular among those who come to Thailand to just live there, because it does not require a visit to the border every 3 months and, as the result, is believed the most convenient and economical option!
3. Retirement visas are issued to foreigners over 50 years.
If you have a tourist visa, then it can be re-registered to any of the foregoing, in the territory of Thailand.

Visa extension

Imagine the situation: you fell in love with fairyland and you need more than one month to explore all its charms and beauty. In such a case there is the possibility of extending the visa. For this you need to go beyond the boundaries of Thailand and re-enter. This process is called visa run.
There are many tourist offices in the country, which can arrange such a trip for 1,500-3,500 baht per person (depending on your location and distance from boundaries). But, if you want to save money, then you may just buy a bus ticket to the neighboring countries like Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia or Burma, where you get a stamp in the passport about border passing, and come back. This way you can travel all year round.

Documents for visa to Thailand

Passport with validity not less than 180 days after the end of the trip.
Questionnaire with personal data, information on place of work and accommodation.
2 pictures in color, size 4X6, and photos of children, who are enlisted in the passport.
Certificate of employment with salary in dollars.
Extract from Bank about the account status. Your account must be at least $ 1,600 per family.
Photocopy of the passport.

Some countries have their own characteristics and rules of obtaining a visa may vary from those described here. This article describes the most popular conditions, to obtain accurate information you need to contact your embassy.

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